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Overview of NCBI BLAST alignment results as provided by SequenceServer

Custom BLAST server for your data

We built SequenceServer and SequenceServer Cloud, enabling teams worldwide to rapidly perform bioinformatics analyses using a powerful point-and-click interface for NCBI BLAST and other algorithms. SequenceServer provides publication-ready graphics that facilitate interpretation and enhance researcher productivity. From academic research to pharmaceutical companies, primer checking and zoonotic diagnostics.

SequenceServer has been cited in more than 140 peer-reviewed publications and has empowered more than 20,000 researchers.

Analysis of genome sequence

Bespoke bioinformatics data science solutions

We are full-stack genomic data scientists. Our extensive data collection and analysis expertise ranges from patient sampling to clinical trial stratification and interpretation, with everything in between. Talk to us regarding genome-wide genotyping, population genotypes, SNP calling, statistical genetics, machine learning, sequencing approaches, visualization of multi-omic datasets.

  • We find the signal in your large, noisy dataset.
  • We develop, deploy and consult regarding cloud computing & custom high-performance computing (HPC) architectures.
  • R, Python, Ruby, Perl, node, JavaScript, shell, et cetera, we got it.

We produce robust and reliable analyses, technical and executive reports, and can work by the hour or on a project basis.

Code in R

Solid academic credentials

We are a spin-off of Queen Mary University of London, pulling together decades of expertise in genome analysis and data science.

We are based at Queen Mary University of London's Mile End Campus (London zone 2).

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